Brexit and Covid-19 Shipping Update:

  • Widespread Covid-related restrictions and local lockdowns across the world continue to impact the distribution and delivery of international parcels. This, together with Brexit delays has lead to a 5-7 day delay on orders to the U.K. and mainland Europe. 
  • The number of international flights continues to be severely impacted by the Covid crisis, with only limited space available for international parcels. As a result, many items posted for delivery across the world are still in transit through airports and sea ports.   Also,  local delivery depots across the globe have been impacted by Covid, while some areas are also dealing with severe winter weather conditions. Delays at borders and ports for custom checks further add to the delay. 
  • Despite this, we are hoping that as local lockdown restrictions are lifted and ports and borders begin to reduce the backlog of custom checks delivery times will return to normal. We cannot say how sorry we are that our deliveries are being delayed. To make it up to each an every one of you who have been affected by this, we would like to offer free shipping on your next order. Please contact us via Instagram DM (@teessquaredgolf) or by email ( and we will arrange for your free shipping to be applied for your next purchase. Once again we are so sorry for this inconvenience.